We offer retreats throughout the year and are always looking for beautiful places where nature is expressing its beauty and vitality for us to embrace.  The Methow valley is our current residence so we organize “adventures in consciousness” here!

These photos are from a previous retreat

The main lodge & garden

The main lodge & garden

The physical beauty of this valley is what drew us to it, big time. And of course we want to share with you. We invite you to join us for a time to immerse yourself into the beauty of this land, and immerse yourself in you.

Group savasana outside during our last retreat in Mazama!

Group savasana outside during our last retreat in Mazama!

And as we drop into ourselves, we naturally find we are more present and in this more present space, and we naturally align effortlessly with our highest intentions as we are more aligned with our Soul Purpose.


The Bush School on Lost River Road is our destination. Our days will be spacious with meditation, yoga, good food (mostly vegetarian and gluten free), free time, discussion, journaling, gatherings and more!

The trails are outside the door. We’ll invite you to participate into 2 guided (by Steve Bondi of Methow Explorations) outings. We’ve also invited Steve to give a talk about the valley and its history on one evening. We’ll have time to visit the town of Winthrop, with its style of old Western charm, as well as visit a local winery.

There is a classroom space, a lodge where we’ll be spending most of the indoor time. Meals are catered, rooms are simple (bunk beds) but spacious and open. There are lots of nooks and crannies to hang out in inside, and of course wide open outdoors.

One of the hikes available to us

One of the hikes available to us

Spring is a great time in the Methow valley, where nature re-awakens and shines. We’ll explore the outer environment and some of our inner longings, and uncover some nuggets you might have never known existed inside of you!


What to bring:

  • Yoga mat and props you have (detailed list to participants)

  • Bedding (sleeping bag or some nice flannel sheets & blanket)

  • Hiking shoes for outings

  • Layers of clothing for warm days and cool nights

  • Journal and pen

  • Any food you might need (we’ll have access to kitchen/fridge)

    Any questions? Feel free to send to contact us!