Residential Retreat: Finding Purpose in Being

Coming soon!  Two hours on Friday night and three hours on a Saturday afternoon with Todd and Vittoria, recharging your batteries, practicing yoga, contemplation and focused discussion, and an extra long savasana! 
Join us for our upcoming retreat right at OmBase!

Stay tuned for dates to be announced!


Being...on purpose

We're hosting a residential retreat with a specific focus as so many of us are yearning to find more purpose in our lives.... yet we struggle!

This retreat is for all of you who want to receive the benefits of yoga, meditation, quiet time, sharing/discussion, and a fabulous long rest period! All this in your own community, close to home. We're devoting a several hours together with a focus on our well being and ways to uncover our purpose.

Letting go of the struggle

Most of us think that by struggling more, trying harder, and really "applying" ourselves we get more out of life. We think that our purpose is just around the next corner, and if I can just take that training, or learn that yoga pose, or be a better mom, dad, or make more money.....then that's it, there it is.

The truth is that our purpose is under our noses at all times, and it's so much easier to uncover it than we could ever imagine. It really is. We're going to spend some time practicing being gentle with ourselves and listening within.

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What's included

Included in this retreat is yoga and a guided meditation practice, followed by a facilitated discussion about our purpose and how to de-clutter our lives (brains) so our lives become filled with fun, laughter, joy and abundance. We'll have a Q&A session, and lastly, a closing meditation. Please join us, we'd love to have you!

Stay tuned for dates TBA