The Yoga of Awareness/ TV Live: Choose Peace Now
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The Yoga of Awareness/ TV Live: Choose Peace Now

This is the first of what we hope will be many free classes Todd and Vittoria want to offer. It's needed and it's time! 

This online audio class is going to be recorded if you cannot participate or want to hear again. We'll be talking to each other first about what we experience daily and what we see others experience, and what our suggestions are for staying in the moment, feeling more peace vs "going out" with our energy. We'll also be taking your calls, so please call in so we can support you!

Stay tuned for pre-registration and info!


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Finding Peace (meditation series)
to Feb 14

Finding Peace (meditation series)

Todd and Vittoria are facilitating a meditation series this month. One hour of partly guided meditation, partly silence, geared towards the ones of you who find it challenging to meditate on your own but truly desire peace of mind. 

Todd & Vittoria will take turns facilitating these classes, using tools and words appropriate for the ones present.  Feel free to come to one only ($12 drop in, cash or check), or pay here for all 4 classes ($40).

Classes take place at our home space in SW Pdx; address given when you sign up. Please note that if class fills with students booking all 4 classes, we will post a note here!
We look forward to seeing you!

(Please note: due to the snow, we moved this class to start 2 weeks later, so it will finish on 2/14).

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