Our work is our passion, our love and our life.

Over the past 22 years of our lives together, we have learned so much that we want to share with others! It has not always been easy! In fact, we have had our share of challenges. But our commitment to truth and self-discovery has always been there.  We have uncovered a few little nuggets along the way that we feel might be so helpful to others on the path. We look forward to walking along with you!

Todd Williamson

As The Yoga of Awareness comes into being, I realize that my path has always been choosing to engage with whatever seemed to help bring me deeper into the feeling of Self and Awareness.  This desire still informs my life's work as I continue to explore what I have come to call 'Yogaing' - essentially dropping into the moment without you forcing it.

As an avid runner, I happened upon the stillness in the movement, which captivated me and kept me at it - probably longer then my body wanted to sustain.. but, experiencing that still, silent place within, was everything! When I discovered that doing yoga could provide the same doorway to me - without having to run for hours on end- doing yoga became my passion.  This morphed into wanting to share this with others.. not just the outer techniques and mechanics, but accessing this inner Self - ever present, but mostly ignored. So I began to teach yoga.

This desire to share this 'open secret' with others, in a way they could experience it, became the nexus of my teaching.  OmBase gave me the freedom and forum to really delve into this exploration and learn to better convey the meaning beyond the words.. 'yogaing' was born. And so, 'yogaing' has evolved to where it is today, and what's so amazing is that it's right where my wife Vittoria is with her teaching as well - though she helps people access this same 'sweet spot' from an entirely different perspective and vantage point.

The way I like to describe my work, is that we start 'at the destination', and then simply hang out, linger, marinate and play with what that feels like in your body. So suddenly, unexpectedly, what you believed would not only be a journey - but likely be an arduous one that would take a lot of time -  is not!  That's a stretch! So if you are ready to stretch a little, say, beyond your beliefs, and experience that, in your body.. welcome!


Vittoria Palazzi

I am a Life Coach, Energy Medicine practitioner and photographer. It took me years to get where I am, comfortable in my own skin, able to be more present with others and myself. I have had so much fun along the way, and so many challenges too!
Discovering what my gift is to the world has been my greatest challenge. It's innate in each one of us. Yes, EACH AND EVERYONE. We are all born with this gift which is what makes us shine bright.

It is a path that I love, because it gets easier and easier, and the joy, peace, abundance, clarity and presence I feel is priceless, beyond anything you can imagine from a more common place of confusion and struggle. You can read more about me on my site, where I go into more details about my work and my life.

I LOVE to support you find your path, heal from a crisis, recover from the emotional toll of an illness, uncover your love, passion, beautiful gorgeous being that you are. We all are that. It's time to live bright!

I love to share my photographs of nature with you. Enjoy and feel yourself there!


All images copyright 2018 Vittoria Palazzi